The Young People Ministries page will direct you to groups and events for kids, teens, and young adults.

Sunday School -- 

  • Sunday School takes place on Sunday mornings before worship at 10:00 for all ages. The following is a list of the teachers of each class:
    • Pre K & Kindergarten - Chris Spencer
    • Grades 1 - 2 - Brian Olson
    • Grades 3-4-5 - Reenie Siverling
    • Grades 6-7-8 - Michelle Keller
    • Sr. High 9-12 - Ryan Jackson
    • Adult - Heritage Class - Chris Gates
    • Adult - Bible 101 - Joanna Jackson

Children Ministries --

  • Connecting Kids to Christ (CKtC) 
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Youth Group --

  • Youth Group meets Sunday nights at 7:00 to 8:30 for youth in grades 7-12. It is an opportunity to have fun while growing in Christ. We participate in volunteer work for the church, community and charities. We also participate in social events such as going Bowling, Ice Skating, Christian Concerts, etc. 
  • Events
  • Advisors
    • Pastor; Greg Spencer
    • Tom Siverling
Our Youth preparing for the 'Souper Bowl' of Caring. 

Our Youth preparing for the 'Souper Bowl' of Caring. 

Small Group

The Small Group is a great way to refresh if you are serious about growing in Christ. The group meets on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour. The group is directed by Pastor Greg Spencer.